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Legal opinion on the option agreement with investors.
Case Study 

Legal Opinion on the Option Agreement with Investors


A technology startup specializing in innovative software solutions, seeking to attract investment from a group of angel investors through an option agreement.


To provide a comprehensive legal opinion on the proposed option agreement with investors, ensuring that the agreement is legally sound, protects the interests of the startup, and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Project Description

The client approached the legal consulting firm for a detailed legal analysis and opinion on an option agreement intended to offer angel investors the right to purchase shares in the startup at a future date. The goal was to secure investment while maintaining control over the terms and conditions of share issuance.

Implementation Phases

  1. Initial Consultation and Document Review

    • Meeting with the Client: Conducted an initial consultation to understand the client’s objectives, the specifics of the proposed investment, and any particular concerns.
    • Document Collection: Gathered all relevant documents, including the draft option agreement, the company’s bylaws, and any prior investment agreements.

  2. Legal Analysis

    • Review of the Option Agreement: Analyzed the draft option agreement to identify any potential legal issues or ambiguities.
    • Compliance Check: Ensured the agreement complies with applicable securities laws and regulations, corporate governance standards, and any other relevant legal requirements.
    • Risk Assessment: Identified and assessed potential risks for the client, including dilution of ownership, investor rights, and exit strategies.

  3. Drafting the Legal Opinion

    • Summary of Findings: Provided a detailed summary of the legal analysis, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed agreement.
    • Recommendations: Offered specific recommendations to address any identified issues, including modifications to the agreement to better protect the client’s interests.
    • Legal Assurance: Confirmed that the revised agreement would be legally binding and enforceable under current laws.

  4. Client Presentation and Feedback

    • Presentation of Legal Opinion: Met with the client to present the legal opinion, explaining the findings and recommendations in clear, understandable terms.
    • Feedback Session: Addressed any questions or concerns from the client, and discussed potential revisions to the agreement based on the legal opinion.

  5. Finalization

    • Incorporating Changes: Assisted the client in negotiating changes to the option agreement with the investors, ensuring that the final document reflected the recommended modifications.
    • Final Review: Conducted a final review of the revised agreement to ensure all legal concerns were addressed and the document was ready for execution.


  • Legally Sound Agreement: The final option agreement was legally robust, protecting the startup’s interests while providing clear and fair terms for the investors.
  • Increased Investor Confidence: The detailed legal opinion and subsequent modifications increased investor confidence, facilitating smoother negotiations and agreement finalization.
  • Compliance Assurance: The client received assurance that the agreement complied with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, minimizing future legal risks.
  • Strengthened Legal Position: The startup was better positioned to manage its investor relations and protect its ownership structure through the legally sound agreement.


    By providing a comprehensive legal opinion on the option agreement with investors, WCR Consulting ensured that the startup could secure investment on favorable terms while maintaining compliance and protecting its interests. This case underscores the importance of thorough legal analysis and expert guidance in structuring investment agreements, ultimately contributing to the successful growth and stability of the client’s business.
Company formation in UAE.

A European technology company seeking to expand operations to the UAE.

Objective To establish a legal entity in the UAE to facilitate business operations and comply with local regulations.

Project Description

The client approached the legal consulting firm to handle the process of setting up a company in the UAE, including selecting the appropriate business structure, completing all legal formalities, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


  1. Initial Consultation

    • Understanding Requirements: Assessed client’s business needs and goals.
    • Legal Framework Analysis: Explained the legal requirements and business structures available in the UAE.

  2. Business Structure Selection

    • Options Evaluation: Compared Free Zone and Mainland company setups.
    • Client Decision: Chose a Free Zone setup for tax benefits and 100% foreign ownership.

  3. Documentation and Compliance

    • Document Preparation: Prepared all necessary documents for company registration.
    • Regulatory Filings: Filed documents with relevant UAE authorities.
    • Bank Account Opening: Assisted in opening a corporate bank account.

  4. Finalization

    • License Issuance: Obtained business license and necessary permits.
    • Operational Setup: Provided guidance on office space and hiring staff.


  • Successful Registration: The company was legally established within the planned timeline.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensured full compliance with UAE laws and regulations.
  • Business Ready: The client was able to commence operations smoothly and efficiently.
  • Preparation of employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

    A growing fintech startup looking to formalize its employment processes.


    To draft comprehensive employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect the company’s interests and ensure compliance with legal standards.

    Project Description

    The client approached WCR Consulting to create standardized employment contracts and NDAs for new hires, ensuring clarity and legal protection for both the company and its employees.


    1. Initial Consultation

      • Understanding Needs: Discussed the client's requirements and employment policies.
      • Legal Requirements: Reviewed applicable labor laws and confidentiality regulations.

    2. Drafting Contracts

      • Employment Contracts: Drafted clear and concise employment agreements, outlining job roles, responsibilities, compensation, and termination conditions.
      • Non-Disclosure Agreements: Created NDAs to safeguard sensitive company information and intellectual property.

    3. Review and Finalization

      • Client Review: Submitted drafts to the client for feedback and made necessary revisions.
      • Final Approval: Finalized documents after client approval and legal compliance check.


  • Legal Protection: The company secured legal protection for its intellectual property and confidential information.
  • Standardization: Established standardized documents for all new hires, ensuring consistency and compliance.
  • Preparation of various agreements for users of the payment service.

    A newly established online payment service provider.


    To draft comprehensive user agreements, including terms of service, privacy policy, and user agreements, to ensure legal compliance and protect the company’s interests.

    Project Description

    The client engaged the legal consulting firm to create a suite of agreements for users of their payment service, ensuring clarity, compliance with relevant regulations, and protection of both the company and its users.


    1. Initial Consultation

      • Understanding Requirements: Discussed the client's business model, target audience, and specific legal needs.
      • Regulatory Framework: Analyzed applicable laws and regulations related to online payment services.

    2. Drafting Agreements

      • Terms of Service: Drafted detailed terms of service outlining the rights and obligations of users, acceptable use policies, and limitations of liability.
      • Privacy Policy: Created a privacy policy to comply with data protection laws, detailing how user data will be collected, used, and protected.
      • User Agreements: Developed comprehensive user agreements covering account creation, payment processing, dispute resolution, and other relevant terms.

    3. Review and Finalization

      • Client Review: Presented drafts to the client for feedback and incorporated necessary revisions.
      • Legal Compliance Check: Ensured all agreements complied with relevant legal standards and best practices.


  • Legal Compliance: Ensured the payment service operated in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • User Protection: Provided clear and fair agreements that protect both the company and its users.
  • Risk Mitigation: Reduced potential legal risks through well-drafted, comprehensive agreements.
  • Sale of a share in a startup under the SAFE agreement

    A tech startup founder seeking to sell a share of the company using a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) agreement.


    To facilitate the sale of a share in the startup through a SAFE agreement, ensuring legal compliance and protecting the interests of both the founder and the investor.

    Project Description

    The client engaged WCR Consulting to draft and finalize a SAFE agreement for the sale of a share in the startup, ensuring the agreement's terms were clear, fair, and compliant with applicable laws.


    1. Initial Consultation

      • Understanding Needs: Discussed the client's goals, the startup's current valuation, and the investor's expectations.
      • Legal Framework Analysis: Reviewed relevant laws and regulations pertaining to equity sales and SAFE agreements.

    2. Drafting the SAFE Agreement

      • Key Terms: Defined key terms of the SAFE agreement, including valuation cap, discount rate, and triggering events for conversion to equity.
      • Clarity and Fairness: Ensured the agreement terms were clear, protecting the interests of both the founder and the investor.

    3. Review and Finalization

      • Client and Investor Review: Presented the draft agreement to both parties for feedback and incorporated necessary revisions.
      • Legal Compliance Check: Ensured the final agreement complied with all relevant legal standards and best practices.

    4. Execution and Follow-Up

      • Signing the Agreement: Facilitated the signing process and ensured both parties fully understood the terms.
      • Post-Signing Support: Provided ongoing support to address any questions or issues arising from the agreement.


  • Successful Sale: The share was successfully sold under the SAFE agreement, meeting the expectations of both the founder and the investor.
  • Legal Protection: Both parties were protected by a legally sound agreement that minimized potential disputes.
  • Smooth Process: The transaction was completed efficiently and transparently, enhancing trust between the founder and the investor.
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